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The internet is full of generic, boring websites made from templates freely available or for sale at extravagant prices. Why should your website look like everybody elses? Get a website with a bit of flavour, a website that properly depicts who you are and what you do.

Stefan Digital provides affordable web design that can give you with a website that best suits your needs. We offer three pre-determined packages that fit most peoples internet requirements, but if what you're after doesn't fit into either our Basic, Advanced or Deluxe Packages it's not a problem!
Stefan Digital are also experts in creating custom, based on your requirements, websites too.

Have a read through what we can offer you today, pick whats best for you and then get in touch. We're waiting!

Basic Website

The Basic Website Package provides you with a static website of up to five pages.

This is ideal for a 'brochure' type website, where the content is not required to be editable.

Like all Stefan Digital website packages the Basic Website includes designing your website so its how you want it - forget using someone elses template!

To find out more, or to discuss the Basic Package just Click Here!

Just $800

Additional Pages $20 per page.

Advanced Website

The Advanced Website Package provides you with up to five pages of fully editable content.

Add your news articles, update your information and keep your viewers informed with the easy to use 'Admin Panel'.

Just like the Basic Website package, the Advanced Package provides you with a custom design - just this time what displays on the pages is fully editable by you!

To find out more, or to discuss the Advanced Package just Click Here!

Only $1500

Additional Pages $30 per page.

Deluxe Website

The Deluxe Website Package gives you access to more than just editable content.

If you want your users to be able to purchase products from your site, the Deluxe Package is the way to go with its PayPal integrated shopping cart and 'Product Category' page generator.

The Deluxe Website can provide your online shoppers with a smooth shopping experience, giving you happy customers!

To find out more, or to discuss the Custom Package just Click Here!

From $1750

Custom Websites

Want a website that doesnt fit into one of the categories above? Stefan Digital can also provide tailored website packages to meet your internet needs.

Click Here so we can start discussing your site and what will work best for you.

Starting From $1250

Total cost will depend on your exact requirements.